It was 1920 when Nicola Muto, after gaining the right experience as a young apprentice to the most renowned masters of chandlers, he founded his own company. Even from the early years of the Cereria Nicola Muto stands out for its quality products and the introduction of new production processes. These factors, combined with the passion and the spirit of initiative of the founder, led the company to conquer new markets, with the simultaneous formation of a forge of young chandlers in the following years will create new production by binding to the name of Liveri ceraia tradition. To date, the Mute group has two modern plants with advanced machinery and skilled labor.

The production takes place according to the strict criteria laid down by international standards in terms of quality, reach, environmental protection and labor protection. With the experience gained in the sector, the company is currently managed by the third generation, in addition to the production of candles and the like, she performs with the Company ItalianWax the processing, storage and distribution of liquid paraffin, slabs and pulverized. With its constant research and investment, the Muto Group ranks among the largest in the reality of paraffins with important potential sector arising from the know-how developed in the dual role of user and distributor of raw materials.