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Wide choice of candles for Bomboniere and events.
The candle for events and Bomboniere Animals events is available in various sizes and in various styles.
Candles Made in Italy.

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Bear Cub Small: 5x3x6H / Medium: 9,5x3x12H
Penguin Small: 6,5x3x6H / Medium: 13x3x12H
Kitten Small: 6x3x6H / Medium: 12x3x12H
Turtle Small: 6x3x5,5H / Medium: 12x5x12H
Butterfly Small: 6x3x5H / Medium: 12x3x10H
Ladybug Small: 4x3x6H / Medium: 8x3x11H
Panda Small: 4,5x3x4,5H / Medium: 9,5x3x10,5H
Elephant Small: 6x3x4,5H / Medium: 12,5x3x10H
Mickey Mouse Piccolo: 5x3x5H / Medium: 11x3x10,5H
Doggie Small: 4x3x5H / Medium: 10x3x13H

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